It is a comprehensive virtual office support system capable of automating and streamlining the work from the moment of acquiring a potential customer to invoicing and payment at the very end. The current system offers not only a standard services pack but also implementing individual functionalities that are necessary for the customer, at every work step. Starting with the activity throughout Poland, DESKTOMY gradually expands its reach operating also in Europe.


The changes that occur in the way that business activities are being performed lead to MOBILITY AND TRANSFORMATION. There are a lot of companies working online as well as freelancers without their own office. That’s why virtual offices are becoming more and more popular, they have an increasing number of customers and the scope of their services also widens. It’s not only the company address that they provide, they also handle the correspondence, rent conference rooms and co-working spaces. The INCREASING NUMBER OF OBLIGATIONS and customers resulted in problems with providing efficient services. The DEMAND FOR WORKERS increased which causes additional costs. What is more, the customers expect to be informed about the received correspondence on an ongoing basis or to have the possibility of virtual booking of the conference room.


As an experienced company which is active in dedicated IT solutions for different sectors area, WE DO SEE VULNERABILITIES IN SYSTEMS that require to be complemented. We also noticed such a vulnerability in virtual office support programs. After numerous talks and various analyses of this market segment directly with the virtual office employees we have a view of key needs, individual requirements and the character of such a cooperation with the customer.

WHAT TURNED OUT TO BE A PRIORITY? We wanted to create a virtual office support system which would be transparent, straightforward and understandable for every user in the first place. An INTUITIVE TOOL is essential for unrestrained and full use of all implemented features. Skillful positioning of all services as well as shifting all work to the system require understanding the customers’ needs and practices.


While working on the design of the system we decided to make it in SAAS MODEL. By applying this solution we can access the information, stored in the cloud in an affordable way. Another advantage is the SAFETY OF THIS SYSTEM. Each time the user provides information they are coded and stored on special servers protected against unauthorized access as well as damage. It also guarantees durability of the documents stored this way.
In the process of adding certain functionalities the services which are versatile and necessary for immediate use: customers file, mailbox scan, document generation or sending notifications from DESKTOMY should be distinguished.
This may be a start of development towards COMPREHENSIVE CUSTOMER SERVICE, in other words, implementing services which are a useful complement meeting the customer’s individual needs, such as potential customers file or pro forma invoice generator, may begin.


  • Mail scanned directly to the system via FTP
  • Unrestricted amount of contact and logging data in the system
  • Mail history check available at any time
  • Notifications sent to an email address or phone number
  • Generating a link for remote service reservation without the need to have an account in the system
  • Receiving and sending mail 24 hours a day
  • System-level notification of unpaid invoice
  • Replacing data in a document with variables automatically
  • Internal communication in the system
  • Individual implementation of additional services
  • Package assigning for the customer
  • Multi-company support with one user account


  • Customer’s dashboard with scan and information accessible 24 hours a day
  • Automatic sending and receiving of notifications
  • Incoming and outgoing messages database
  • Archive organized according to statuses
  • Documentation and invoice database ordered
  • Searching by any type of information such as for example company name, address or contact details
  • SMS notifications of new correspondence and invoice issued.
  • Remote Conference room reservation VIA APP
  • New functionalities at no additional cost


„We released a new, improved DESKTOMY version in 2019. In 2020 we brought foreign customers into the fold, opening primarily into Central and Eastern Europe. At present DESKTOMY system is a leading virtual office app in Poland.
In all our development processes we worked with the MBT Media employees. We are aware that the website or the mobile app represent the brand and constitute its most important showcase and that is why we are committed to long-term cooperation with a proven team that knows our expectations and taste. We are confident that we will work together to do even more projects.”




We and our customers alike are very pleased with the opportunities that the DESKTOMY app offers

We and our customers alike are very pleased with the opportunities that the DESKTOMY app offers – fast incoming mail dispatch, email notifications, room reservation – and all of that in one place.

Katarzyna Wierzba,
Biuro Kamienica

We have been working with the DESKTOMY application for a year

It’s easy to use and it allows full work automation. It helps in managing the virtual office a lot.

Agnieszka Spyra-Jędrzejowska,
Wirtualne Biuro Mielec

The favorable price and continuous development of the application make us recommend DESKTOMY.

We’ve been using the DESKTOMY app for several months now and in that we have automated many processes related with handling the virtual office. Affordable price and ongoing development of the app allow us to recommend this solution to all companies in our line of work.

Michał Górski,
Biznes Centrum

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