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Employment Background Checks is a system SUPPORTING THE PROCESS of recruitment in such segments as aviation, rail transport or medical services. Due to high requirements as far as checking the reliability and completing the candidate’s documents are concerned, the process of recruitment in the mentioned sectors required AUTOMATION and clear FUNCTIONALITY at every stage of the process. EBC GLOBAL PRO provides the best solutions focusing on efficiency, conformity and automation safety.


During our interview with the customer we analysed the whole process of recruitment of a new employee. As a feedback we obtained information about PERSONALIZED REQUIREMENTS set by the companies outsourcing the recruitment. We considered abundance of related documents and possibilities of storing the obtained information to have them EASILY ACCESSIBLE and properly arranged. The existing system with manual data collection and individual sending of confirmations and emails by the customer was time and energy consuming. This type of information storage was burdened with some risk due to loads of documents and complex verification processes requiring adequate annotations.


Because of rapidly developing market of services a lot of industries from various sectors require FULL SUPPORT and supervising the proper conduct of the process of recruitment. EBC GLOBAL PRO provides assistance in it from the moment of submitting the potential candidates profile, through all the stages (such as verifying the information included in CV or completing documents) until the official employment of the chosen person. When meeting the customer, our main goal was to achieve the best possible AUTOMATION and to speed up the pace of activities related to the candidate verification process.


“The greatest challenge was to implement SUITABLE STORAGE of the information obtained in form of a document or a reference. In addition, we wanted to present the whole recruitment process in a clear and straightforward way with the possibility of changing the status of particular stages: for example in progress, sent, confirmed. DIRECT SENDING of a created form to the relevant persons who may confirm the information submitted by the applicant is also available in the app. The additional function of AUTOMATIC REMINDERS allows to program the following reminder message in any chosen time period.

In case of PERSONALIZED REQUIREMENTS set by the company outsourcing the recruitment, editable form fields are available. That way every company is capable of creating an INDIVIDUAL SHEET adjusted to their needs”


  • Project division – meaning dividing the recruitment processes for particular positions
  • Automatic sending of reminding messages
  • Recruitment statuses change
  • A form directly accessible for the applicants
  • Individual form created with variables
  • Recruiter efficiency reports


  • Properly arranged storage of documents and references regarding particular recruitment processes
  • Creating ready-to-use message templates
  • Supervising the recruitment process with its division into particular stages
  • Increasing the pace of the process by making the form directly available for the
  • Supervision of work of particular recruiters, for example for the accounting purposes
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