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Employment Background Checks SUPPORTS AND SUPERVISES the recruiting process in the sectors where the extent of the employee’s background check is more thorough. The EBC MOBILE app is designed to be used directly by applicants to FACILITATE the process and to REDUCE the time of potential employment. Comfortable navigation and INTUITIVE DASHBOARD of the app allow to perform various checks, such as penal or occupational, quickly and efficiently. The Employment Check app enables the candidates to share their data and documents safely. The applicant may access the dashboard anywhere 24 hours a day with the possibility of receiving IMMEDIATE confirmation of the required information from the adequate authority and SHARING the results with the employer easily.


The number of candidates applying for a given position usually exceeds the expectations of the employer. With the requirement of the 5-year PAST VERIFICATION of the applicants, employing the proper person becomes a challenge. The EBC MOBILE app allows applicants to distinguish their applications thanks to automated delivering of the necessary information and certificates to the employer. Such a solution definitely RELIEVES THE EMPLOYER at the same time INVOLVING the applicant in the recruitment process from the very beginning. The main goal in creating EBC MOBILE was to enable the candidates to SHARE their data and documents SAFELY. In addition, giving a possibility of applying for a number of penal or employment checks with their immediate results that can be easily submitted to the employer was also important.


When the user needs to make several checks at a time, the required information may not occur to be alike. This means greater numbers of forms and more diversified requirements. When filling the forms manually, the user needs to repeat the same information several times and to pay special attention to the data especially relevant in the given sector. It may result in chaos and in further consequence lead to invalid document filling. For this reason, the EBC MOBILE app makes ONE FORM with various stages where the questions are not repeated and all information are SAVED IN THE DATABASE from where they can be downloaded when needed. This solution is definitely more comfortable for an applicant who does not have to fill in several similar forms and who can complete an automatically generated order for chosen checks or certificates only ONCE instead.


In case of the need to make several checks at a time, EBC MOBILE automatically generates ONE FORM adjusted to all chosen checks or certificates. Most importantly, the filled information will not duplicate which facilitates and quickens using the app. An additional advantage is the FUNCTION OF SAVING THE PROGRESS of completing the form. The applicant may stop working on it and return to filling it in at any time. There is a list of completed forms with their statuses, whether their verification has been completed or is still in progress, in the app. Additionally, the applicant may send the search result to their email address WITHOUT ANY LIMITS here. There is also a possibility of sending the results from the system to a potential employer directly. The only condition is to enter the adequate email in the required place at the final stage of the form. It’s worth to mention that verification and receiving of the results of the check last only A FEW SECONDS!


  • creating one, consolidated form
  • progress remembering function
  • sharing results with the employer
  • list of completed forms
  • unlimited number of result downloads
  • instant results – only a few seconds!


  • filling in the information saved for further use in the general database only once
  • return to the form at any stage of work
  • insight into the form list
  • possibility of self-completing the form by the applicant
  • quickening the verification process

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