Krajowa Izba Gospodarki Nieruchomościami (The National Chamber of Real Estate Management) is the largest economic self-government organization in Poland associating entrepreneurs dealing with real estate management and real estate brokerage.

The KIGN website is full of content including not only texts but also forms and applications as well as an expanded menu. Our task was to combine coherently the content with the visual identification and, most importantly, with the best possible usefulness of the site. The employees of the National Chamber of Real Estate Management actively use the website, modify and collect information from the forms, trainings or applications on a daily basis. That is why a lot of the solutions are dedicated especially for their purposes.



A modern and friendly website

The MBT Media employees developed a new website for us – it is made to fit our needs and expectations. Close cooperation resulted in a modern and user friendly website and we have every confidence to recommend MBT Media as a reliable partner in business.

Anna Czaja